working hours
Mon – Fri 10 a.m. till 8 p.m.
Sat – Sun free time.

If, when checking a transaction, the presence of such sources of origin of funds as Dark Market, Dark Services, Illegal Service, Stolen, Gambling, Scam is found, then the exchange of such funds is impossible.
Funds can be returned with a penalty of 10%, blocked by the exchange for an indefinite period, and also withdrawn at the request of law enforcement agencies. We use (AMLBOT).

For label information:
Darknet Marketplace – coins were used for purchases on the darknet;
Darknet Service – coins associated with child abuse, terrorist financing or drug trafficking;
Illegal Service – coins associated with illegal activities;
Scam – coins that were obtained by deceiving their customers;
Stolen Coins – stolen coins;
Terrorism financing – organizations associated with the financing of terrorism;
Child exploitation – organizations associated with the exploitation of children;
Enforcement Action – The organization is subject to litigation;
Exchange Fraudulent – exchanges associated with fraud or illegal activities;
Gambling – online casino without a license;
Mixer – Coins have been passed through a mixer to make them difficult or impossible to track.
Ransom – Coins obtained through extortion or blackmail;
Sanctions – persons, organizations under sanctions;

We reserve the right:

1. Refuse the user to exchange if there are reasonable suspicions of the legitimacy of the origin of digital assets;
2. Require the user to provide any information that reveals the origin of digital assets and / or confirmation that these assets were not obtained by criminal means;
3. Block the account and any operation associated with the user;
4. Transfer, upon request, to the controlling financial activities and / or law enforcement agencies all information and documents available on the incident;
5. Require from the user documents confirming the identity, physical existence, address of registration, solvency;
6. Hold the user’s funds until the incident is fully investigated;
7. The service reserves the right to monitor the entire chain of transactions in order to identify suspicious transactions;