1. General Provisions

1.1 This Agreement regulates the procedure and conditions for the provision of services by the Alfa.exchange service.
1.2 Alfa.exchange is a software and hardware service located on the Internet at https://alfa.exchange.
1.3 Customer – a person wishing to use the services of the Alfa.exchange.
1.4 Alfa.exchange and the Customer are collectively referred to as the Parties.
1.5. The Parties recognize this Agreement in electronic form as equivalent to the legal force of the Agreement concluded in writing.
1.6. This Agreement is deemed to be concluded on the terms of a public offer accepted by the Client during the application process on the Alfa.exchange website to use the services provided by the service.

2. Subject of the Agreement

2.1 Alfa.exchange provides the Customer services (clause 4 of the Agreement) in accordance with the rules of procedure (clause 5 of the Agreement) subject to compulsory conditions (clause 9 of the Agreement).
2.2 The Customer uses the services of the Alfa.exchange and pays for them in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

3. Rights and obligations of the parties

3.1. Alfa.exchange undertakes to:
3.1.1 Provide the Client with the services for the exchange of cash at BTC, ETH, USDT, in accordance with the rules and regulations of this Agreement.
3.1.2 Provide the Client with the necessary technical and consulting support related to the use and provision of services of the Alfa.exchange.
3.1.3 To store all information (addresses, amounts, time, identification data (personal data), etc.) on the Client’s exchange transactions and provide it at the first request of the Clients to which it relates, with the exception of transactions with anonymous payment systems.
3.1.4 To keep confidential and not disclose information on exchange transactions, as well as personal data of Alfa.exchange Customers to third parties, with the exception of the following situations:
– by a lawful decision of the court at the location of the owner of the Alfa.exchange service;
– upon the lawful request of the competent authorities at the location of the owner of the Alfa.exchange service;
– at the request of the administration of one of the payment systems
3.1.5 Maintain accurate statistics on Customer discounts.
3.1.6. Transfer funds due to the client or a third party to the specified details not later than 48 hours from the time the client applies for a non-arrival complaint after the exchange of funds, in the cases described in clauses 3.2.5, 5.4, 5.5 and 5.6 of this Agreement.
3.2 The Customer undertakes:
3.2.1 Provide accurate and reliable payment details for both its own and third parties.
3.2.2 Specify an accurate, reliable and efficient e-mail box.
3.2.3 Monitor the health of your e-mail box and computer, including the use of up-to-date antivirus software.
3.2.4 Fulfill each paragraph of this Agreement.
3.2.5 Inform the administration of Alfa.exchange about partial or complete non-receipt of funds for the specified details of the client or a third person as a result of the exchange, as well as about not receiving funds, in the cases specified in paragraphs 5.4, 5.5 and 5.6 not later than 30 days after the receipt of funds, otherwise these funds are placed at the disposal of the administration of Alfa.exchange.
3.2.6 Provide a known number of your mobile phone for registration, control (incoming) call from the security service, receiving passwords, short text messages (SMS / SMS) and other methods of informing and additional identification for the Alfa.exchange service.
3.2.7. Do not violate the current legislation of the country where the Client is located by performing exchange transactions using the Alfa.exchange service.
3.3 The administration of Alfa.exchange has the right:
3.3.1 Suspend the service for technical upgrading or elimination of functional errors.
3.3.2 Suspend the current exchange (transaction), in the case of lawful treatment of competent authorities, administrations of payment systems, as well as users with a complaint about fraud, for the time of clarifying the circumstances.
3.3.3. Establish and change the amount of discounts on the exchange of electronic money at your discretion.
3.3.4 Establish and change the amount of commission charged to the customer as a result of the exchange of electronic money, at its discretion.
3.3.5 Refuse to provide services to any client without explanation.
3.3.6 Require the Customer to confirm his / her membership in the electronic exchange by means of: E-mail, screenshot of the electronic wallet, and, if necessary, by a test call to the phone number specified when completing the exchange form from which funds were sent for the commission electronic exchange, if this exchange was completed with an error.
3.3.7 Terminate the correspondence or negotiations with the Client if the Customer is rude, offensive, asking questions that are not related to the Alfa.exchange support service or he himself does not answer the questions of the support service.
3.3.8 Block the exchange in accordance with paragraphs 5.4, 5.5 and 5.6 of the electronic money exchange regulation.

4. Services provided

4.1 Alfa.exchange provides the following services: electronic money exchange, on the Alfa.exchange website, namely the exchange of cash on BTC, ETH, USDT with the possible use of other directions indicated on the site.
4.2 Alfa.exchange does not verify the eligibility and legitimacy of the Client’s possession of the funds offered for exchange.

5. Rules for the exchange of electronic money

5.1 The exchange is considered to be started when the Alfa.exchange service receives from the Client the full amount intended for this exchange.
5.2 The exchange is considered complete when Alfa.exchange transfers the amount intended for the Customer or a third party to the payment details indicated by the Customer as a result of this exchange.
5.3 The exchange of electronic funds can not be canceled if it has already been launched, as well as returning money to the Client, which he wanted to exchange.
5.4 In the event of receipt from the Customer of amounts other than those specified during the exchange, Alfa.exchange has the right to suspend the exchange, and in the future after the Customer’s request, according to clause 3.2.5, to pay the actually received amount, recalculated at the rate that operated at the time of exchange commencement.
5.5 In the event that the Customer specified non-existent or blocked details for which the amount was due as a result of the exchange, Alfa.exchange may suspend the exchange, and in the future after the Customer’s request, according to clause 3.2.5, to return the funds to the account from which they did, after deducting the commission of payment systems and a fine of 2% of the return amount.
5.6 In case of changing the note for payment or paying the invoice from another account, the exchange can be blocked, and after the Client’s request, according to clause 3.2.5, the amount of exchange will be returned minus 1% of the amount of exchange and commission of payment systems.

6. Liability of the parties

6.1 Alfa.exchange does not bear responsibility and does not compensate losses caused by incorrect (unauthorized) use of the service, as well as errors made by the Customer when completing the form of exchange, which can lead to transfer of funds to the wrong account, in this case cancel the exchange operation or return the funds back is impossible.
6.2 Alfa.exchange shall not be liable for loss and / or damage (loss) arising from the inability of the Customer to use his own equipment and / or its elements and / or the lack of necessary full or partial functionality of the equipment or its components.
6.3 Alfa.exchange is not responsible for errors, omissions or delays in payments made by electronic payment systems and banks.

7. Changing Information

7.1 This Agreement may be amended and supplemented by the administration of the Alfa.exchange; Changes come into force from the moment of the publication of the Agreement on the website Alfa.exchange

8. Force Majeure

8.1 The Parties shall not be liable for delays or non-fulfillment of their obligations under this Agreement and / or arrangements as a result of force majeure circumstances, including (without limitation) natural disasters, acts of governmental or regulatory authority, wars, fire, floods, explosion, terrorism, riot, civil unrest, hacker attacks, absence, non-operation or malfunction of energy supply, Internet service providers, communication networks or other systems, networks and services.

9. Mandatory conditions for conducting exchange transactions

9.1 It is forbidden to use the services of Alfa.exchange for illegal transfers and fraudulent activities. Using the services of the Alfa.exchange service, the Customer agrees that any attempt to exchange funds of doubtful origin will have prosecution in accordance with the current legislation of the country from whose territory the Client carries out exchange transactions.
9.2 Alfa.exchange Service Administration reserves the right to provide information on such payments to competent authorities, payment system administrations, as well as to victims of fraudulent actions upon their request, if the fact of unlawful actions is proved.
9.3. The exchange is subject to the condition that the Client uses the Alfa.exchange service to display digital characters only from his electronic wallet and is himself responsible for the sources and ways of entering his electronic wallet, because there is no possibility to check their origin by the Alfa.exchange Service.
9.4 Alfa.exchange service is not responsible for the executed exchange operations on behalf of the Client in favor of third parties.
9.5. Using the Alfa.exchange service after clicking the “I agree with the exchange rules” means that the Customer accepts all requirements under this Agreement.

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